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  • Changing the face and economics of healthcare

  • Making patient payments easier

  • Increase revenue and patient satisfaction

Cybersettle Mission

To provide our clients with cloud-based solutions that motivate and empower patients to engage, settle and pay their medical bills -- resulting in increased revenues, faster and at a lower cost than traditional methods.

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PayMD™ takes the confusion out of patient pay receivables by making it easy for patients to pay and for healthcare providers to get paid. To access PayMD, click here.


Cybersettle is the world’s leading provider of patented transactional negotiation technology that accelerates settlements and payments, increases revenues and expands market share for its clients.

Customer Comments

  • “I believe PayMD™ can reshape the entire patient payment market. The diversity of payment options that put the patient in control of the transaction, while dramatically increasing medical provider’s patient revenues, is truly a revolutionary win-win approach that is vitally needed by healthcare providers today.”

    - George Bregante, CEO, Rete+Pay

  • “PayMD™’s innovative consumer payment approach is on the forefront of solving a critical financial problem facing our healthcare system.  Increasing patient revenue is a necessity in the new healthcare environment.”

    - Dennis Chookaszian, Executive Chairman, AllScripts Healthcare Solutions
    and Board Member, Cybersettle Holdings, Inc.

  • “PayMD™ has been successful. We started the campaign about four weeks ago, and in the first week, we received 500 individuals who either logged into the system or walked into our office to settle their claims”

    - Peter Gordon, Managing Director, Downtown Bronx Medical Associates
    and CEO, PhyCARE Solutions

  • “I waited and waited for the bill from ...hospital but never received. I even took a trip to the hospital… no one had an answer for my question. Now the wait is over, since I received your letter very glad to rid myself of this COPAY. Enclosed find a check for full payment.”

    - Actual PayMD™ Customer